· The Arabian Oasis 

Saudi Issues Islamic Issues Newsstand

· AramcoBrats, Inc. http://www.aramco-brats.com/

All about Americans living and growing up in Saudi Arabia and experiencing the friendship between both Nationalities.

· DoctorInternet http://www.doctorinternet.co.uk/

24-hour consultation on all kinds of medical and health queries. Information is available in English and in Arabic.

· Saudi Arabian Internet Directory http://www.wsu.edu:8080/~i9248809/saudia.html

· Abdul Latif Jameel Group 

ALJ Group is a multi-billion dollar international enterprise. It is involved in automobile sales and services, real estate, financing, advertising, consumer electronics and durables, hotels,and shipping.

· King Faisal Foundation http://www.kff.com/

KFF is the philanthropic foundation of the Saudi royal family. The flagship event is the King Faisal International Prize

· M. S. Al-Suwaidi For Contracting http://www.suwaidi.com/

A leading multi-disciplined construction and industrial maintenance company in the Kindgom of Saudi Arabia.

· Saudi Arabia Jobs http://users.aol.com/saudijobs/saudijob.htm

Professional Systems & Services, Recruiting Medical and Engineering staff for Saudi Arabian Employers since 1991.

· Saudi Arabia's Economic Offset Program http://www.saudioffset.com/

Saudi Arabia's Economic Offset Program

· Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries & Medical Appliances Co. http://www.spimaco.com.sa/

Leader in Pharmaceutical Industries In Saudi Arabia

· US-Saudi Business Council http://www.us-saudi-business.org/

Information on the business side of Saudi Arabia.

· Saudi Arabian map 

Engraved leather map by Manolo Caminos.

· Islamic University at Al-Madina 

University in Saudi Arabia.

· King Faisal Specialist Hospital http://www.kfshrc.edu.sa/

Hospital in Saudi Arabia.

· King Saud University http://www.mohe.gov.sa/ksu/

University in Saudi Arabia.

· Saudi Arabian Information Resource http://www.saudinf.com/

The official Saudi Arabian Ministry of Information web site.